BOOTS ON! Charlie Daniels

By Boot Recruit Myra

The man most noted for winning a fiddling battle against the Devil, with his song “the Devil Went Down To Georgia”, and who sang the Monday Night Football jingle for the 2006 season, took a short break from his busy concert schedule to visit with us about his recent dinner with Marcus Luttrell and the Boot Girls. In a candid convo about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Charlie Daniels was not afraid to speak his mind, and did it with good ol’ southern respect, humor and gentlemanly charm!

BRM (Boot Recruit Myra): What prompted you to host a dinner for Marcus Luttrell of the Lone Survivor Foundation and the Boot Girls from the Boot Campaign?

CD: Every year we host a dinner at the Palm in Nashville to benefit charitable organizations. I actually met Marcus at an NRA convention and realized he is a true patriot in every sense of the word. The Boot Girls, well they are these young ladies with probably 10 million other things to do but instead they are doing something unique to support our defenders of our freedom. I’ve never seen anything quite as unique as the Boot Campaign, and I’ve seen a lot!

BRM: What was the most important thought you took away from reading the book Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell?

CD: He is the kind of human being that rarely exists today. The abuse our military endures is inconceivable, and even at that Marcus never lost sight of his and their credo of loyalty and fraternity.

BRM: I noticed it takes a lot to make Marcus smile. What did you say to Marcus that made him smile so big, it lit up the room?

Photo courtesy of Moments By Moser

CD: Well, the moment he came in the room, I went over to him right away, I had friends I wanted to introduce to him. It was a night to let Marcus relax, have fun and honor him. Honestly, it went by way too quickly. I suppose when I gave him my hat as an expression of gratitude, and we bantered back and forth a bit, is when he smiled.

BRM: What is the most compelling thing about our military that speaks to you?

CD: They serve at-will. There is a close-knit connection between them that is uncommon anywhere else.

BRM: Of all the things you love about living in America, what is the one thing that makes you stop in your tracks and think how much you appreciate those serving in active duty?

CD: They preserve our way of life.

LCPL Billy Spencer, Twin Pines Ranch

BRM: We noticed, according to your adoring fans posting comments about you on Facebook, that you are known for naming horses after American soldiers KIA. What was it that made you decide to bring honor to fallen heroes in this way?

CD: Actually, my ranch manager is a Viet Nam Veteran. He is the one who sometimes names horses after fallen heroes.

BRM: What’s it like to fiddle better than the Devil?

CD: Fiddle better than the Devil? Oh, ha-ha, nobody’s ever asked me that. I never enter a battle with the Devil I don’t intend to win. You know, I know how this ends, and the Devil doesn’t win, so I will never lose!


About BootCampaign

The Boot Campaign is a grassroots initiative started by five women from Texas known as the Boot Girls. The Boot Campaign is a new way Americans can show their support for our active duty service members and veterans. This grassroots campaign has captured the attention of American celebrities and civilians – from professional athletes, politicians, country music stars and more – and is quickly gaining momentum. Money raised will support troops and veterans through the work of the Lone Survivor Foundation and other charities.
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