Are You “Patriotic-er” than a 5th Grader?

By Boot Girl Myra with guest, 10 year old Lucy Nickel

It started as the typical classroom speech meet, kids get up and present their very best in 5 optional categories like poetry, fable and folklore, and the like. But on this very rare occasion, I found myself as a judge stunned at the “get-it” factor of a 10 year old, 3 foot girl who chose to write her own speech under the daunting category of Patriotic Oration – Original Speech. What follows is Lucy’s speech in its entirety.

What Makes Our Nation Great
By Lucy E. Nickel

I picked the topic “Our Nation Under God” because when someone lives in a nation as great as America, I believe they have reserved the right to know it. We are privileged to live in America, though we often don’t realize it. To save time, I have narrowed our virtuosity down to three major foundations, or building blocks.

The first key is our Christian foundation. Many countries come to mind at the word “pagan”. Although I feel bad for those countries, I am immensely delighted that America does not come to mind at the mention of that word. America was BUILT on Christian laws. For example, one of the reasons I think Texas is such a friendly state is because most of the citizens know to “love thy neighbor as thyself”. They may not believe in the Bible, but they believe in loving their neighbor as themselves because they think (or know) that this is the right thing to do.

The second key to America’s greatness is freedom. America is free. That is probably my FAVORITE thing about America. Our freedoms include: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the freedom of religion. Of course we have multiple other freedoms.

One of the worst things Americans could retort is “It’s a free country.” Do you think that any American veteran would like to hear that? They risked their lives for us to be free and we abuse their gift. Abuse will probably lead to death in one way or another. All I ask for you is that you will recognize that loving hands, dedicated souls and sacrificial mindsets are what obtained our freedom.

The third key to America’s brilliance is YOU. YOU have made America great. If you hugged a struggling child, you have helped make America great. If you donated money to feed the poor, you have helped make America great. If you have served as a president, veteran or teacher, you have helped make America great. Every one kind word, deed or action has lent a hand to America’s excellence.

I conclude by saying: God, freedom and you the people have made America great. If you believe that, I have served my purpose.

Out of the mouth of babes wouldn’t you say? When asked why she chose to write her own speech, Lucy said “I always like writing and I like everything about freedom”. So if you could write a speech and present it to your peers, what would you say in a Patriotic Oration? If you need ideas, I’m sure Lucy is available for consultation!


About BootCampaign

The Boot Campaign is a grassroots initiative started by five women from Texas known as the Boot Girls. The Boot Campaign is a new way Americans can show their support for our active duty service members and veterans. This grassroots campaign has captured the attention of American celebrities and civilians – from professional athletes, politicians, country music stars and more – and is quickly gaining momentum. Money raised will support troops and veterans through the work of the Lone Survivor Foundation and other charities.
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4 Responses to Are You “Patriotic-er” than a 5th Grader?

  1. Tammi says:

    Wow! What an incredible little girl who really does “get it”!

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  3. I enjoyed this speech so much I had to re-post it on my site. If someone as young as her understands the meaning of patriotism then our future has a chance. Keep it coming Lucy.

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