You Just Missed The Royal Wedding

By Boot Girl Myra

It already happened! Forget about the end of the month when other royals may also be tying the knot, this one is right here in the good ‘ol USA! Boot Girl Heather and Derek Sholl got married this weekend. Given that Derek was one of the first musicians to put Boots ON, and create the Boot Campaign theme song “When They Come Back”, combined with Heather being an Original Boot Girl, it qualifies as a Royal Wedding in our book! Sign their guest book here

The term royal usually refers to a monarch, but in this case it’s to define a rare group of people who are set apart. Rather than inheriting this royal qualification, it is earned by giving up wedding shoes for boots. It also requires investing. Boots are an investment. Like you invest in the success of your marriage, when you put boots on, you invest in a brighter future of wounded military. What a great way to begin a marriage! From the get-go, you acknowledge those whose names you don’t know who serve and protect you every 24/7/365 of your married life!

Any bride who takes off the proverbial glass slipper on her wedding day, and puts her boots ON, deserves a special moniker as royalty.  The Royal Boot Album starts today featuring two of our original Royal Boot Brides.

Be sure to send us your Royal Boot Bride photos and lets see the album grow!


About BootCampaign

The Boot Campaign is a grassroots initiative started by five women from Texas known as the Boot Girls. The Boot Campaign is a new way Americans can show their support for our active duty service members and veterans. This grassroots campaign has captured the attention of American celebrities and civilians – from professional athletes, politicians, country music stars and more – and is quickly gaining momentum. Money raised will support troops and veterans through the work of the Lone Survivor Foundation and other charities.
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2 Responses to You Just Missed The Royal Wedding

  1. Myra, I have my boots on and just stumbled upon your blog, I wanna help. I’m gonna take a photo of me and my boots and post it my various social networking sites to help bring awareness to your boot campaign!!!! Let me know how else I can help.



  2. The Compulsive Writer says:

    What a great blog!

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